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Architecture Studio is a company based in Germany with projects underway in Europe, Africa and South America. Among our associates and employees there are architects, engineers and designers, trained in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and Brazil. With extensive experience in several sectors of the construction market, in the past 14 years we have designed buildings for both public and private sectors, specializing in five major areas: Housing, Health, Tourism, Transport and Heritage.


We believe in designing buildings and spaces that are relevant, responsive and add meaning to the larger fabric through the smallest detail.
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A detailed selection and calculation of the required finishing materials, furniture, the creation of drawings and schemes according to which construction work will be carried out.


we know how important innovative stall designs are for our clients as the making of out-of-the-way stall designs can create an extra appeal among the visitors.
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Choosing the house furniture is from many perspectives a very delicate phase as it helps us customize a space, wash it with our personal style and even transform it radically over time.

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Palmenburg is a full-service interior design company providing luxury interior design and home decor services. Our services include interior design, architecture, landscape and fit-outs for both residential and commercial units.

Satisfied Clients 97%
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Our work is a reflection of our customers’ lifestyle. Luxury, exquisite, stunning, elegant, brilliant are the adjectives associated with our projects.
You can expect no less and we’ll not settle for not less until we have met your expectations, be it a full villa interior design or just a part of it.